Will Swimming Tone My Legs?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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In the modern world, so many diets and exercises are aimed at giving you the perfect body you’ve always wanted, but how many of them actually work?

Thankfully, swimming will, indeed, tone your legs. In fact, one of the best exercises for toning legs is swimming. Swimming is a well-rounded exercise that tones the whole body and promotes health throughout. 

The water supports the muscles thanks to buoyancy and helps avoid injury while still challenging the body. Swimming is good for all body types and fitness levels. Keep reading to learn how swimming can benefit you and the best way to start your new practice. 

Man wearing white swimming can in water - Will Swimming Tone My Legs?

Is Swimming Good For Flabby Legs?

Yes, swimming is good for flabby legs. However, swimming could be the perfect exercise if you want to tone your legs. Swimming is an exercise that requires the kicking of the legs as a propelling force. 

This essentially means that swimming is difficult on the legs and will tone them effectively. The nice thing about swimming as an exercise is that it is a well-rounded workout. It is a cardiovascular workout, which is essential for maintaining health. 

It is also a lower body as well as upper body workout through the use of your legs and shoulder muscles. This means much of your body can be toned, not just your legs. 


Man wearing white swimming can in water - Will Swimming Tone My Legs?


How Long Does It Take To Tone Legs Swimming?

It will take anywhere from four to six weeks for your legs to begin to tone from swimming. After consistent swimming, you will begin to notice a significant change in your leg strength. Your upper body will also begin to strengthen as well. 

You should also expect your lung capacity to increase, and you’ll feel healthier overall. However, it can take time to see the physical change in your body. For example, it often takes more time for the weight to begin to drop. It also takes time for the arm and leg muscles to begin to tone. 


How Many Times A Week Should I Swim To Tone Up?

You should swim four to five times a week to tone up. Four to five times a week allows your body to adjust to the new schedule more efficiently. The off days also give time for your body to rest and recuperate. 

During each swim session, you should be swimming anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour. This time range depends on your ability level, how sore you are, as well as what kind of workout you are doing. 

There are several options you can take while swimming that help to build different muscles. Your workout should vary in time and difficulty depending on that. 


How Quickly Does Swimming Change Your Body?

Visible change can take a while to appear when it comes to exercise. However, your body will begin to exhibit a change in about six to eight weeks.

Strength itself builds at a quick pace, meaning that you will see improvement rather quickly. Visible change, however, takes a bit longer. This is because it is a long process to go through.

Unlike strength, which builds up quickly, your body must shed some excess fat while building muscle. Doing this takes time and consistency. While it is a longer process, you will still see results rather quickly in the tone of your muscles. 


Is It Possible To Speed Up The Process?

To speed up the process, the first step is to stay consistent. Consistency is key to any workout. Staying on a schedule allows the body to adjust sooner and build more muscle at a faster rate. 

If you are already doing this, another option for stronger swimmers would be to add swim fins. Swim fins attach to the feet and add resistance while you are swimming. 

This added resistance to the legs allows more muscle to build and calories to burn rapidly. In addition, you can attach weights to the ankles that achieve a similar result.


Final Thoughts On Will Swimming Tone My Legs

Swimming is beneficial no matter what you are looking for when it comes to physical improvements. It challenges your upper and lower body as well as your breath. The key to any successful exercise is staying on top of it. 

The better you are at sticking with your new regimen, the faster your legs will tone and the healthier you will be. However, like any exercise, improvements also take time. 

It will take a couple of weeks to see or feel new attributes of your body. Stay determined. You will see results with time and get those toned legs you want with practice.