Why You Can’t Swim?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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There are going to be plenty of reasons not to swim, the fear of drowning or being eaten by a predatory animal, but the fact is that there are simple lessons that can be taken to at least get the basics out of the way.

Of course, there will be a certain number of people that will not have the motor skills to learn how to swim or have the ability to swim, but that will normally be because of birth deformity or similar.

Normally the biggest block is mental, and a person will block themselves from even trying and become landlocked because of it.

Man diving into a pool - Why You Can’t Swim?

How Can You Practice Swimming?

The best place to practice swimming would be with a trainer at a local recreation center pool or similar. This way, you can learn the different forms of swimming with the security of knowing the professional is right there helping you along.

Without the risk of drowning, a person will relax. In addition to you becoming relaxed, there will be the benefit of a controlled environment in which to learn free from tidal waves, natural predators, or any other natural danger associated with open waters.

Not to mention that most of the time, the facilities will have props and tools to aid the trainer in teaching a student to swim.


Man diving into a pool - Why You Can’t Swim?


When is the best time to start?

The best time to start learning to swim is at an early age when a toddler is still developing core neural motor skills. Therefore, when they become successful at figuring out swimming, it will be ingrained in their minds for the rest of their lives.

Kind of like riding a bicycle, these skills will be a lifetime ability; if this is an option, between three and six years old would be the optimal time to teach children how to swim.

However, if you are an adult looking to get a lesson, the best time to start is as soon as possible; a regular swimming routine is a healthy way to get a full body workout.


Who Can Teach You?

There will be a fortunate few with parents or guardians who can teach them to swim. But unfortunately, others will have to rely on different people outside the home to teach the skills necessary to become adequate swimmers.

For instance, the most popular way to learn to swim is through a trainer at the local pool or a summer camp resort with swimming lessons.

There are a variety of ways that a person can be taught to tread water, and the other route is to become better by competing at the High School level and learning from the coaches there.


How Long Does it Take to Learn?

There are some that pick up swimming within the first couple of lessons, needing only to touch the water to start gliding through the waters. Then there are the regular people who will take around a few months to get the techniques and become sufficient in the water.

Others learn their entire lives, only attempting to perfect and shave time off that lap record. The only way to truly know is to go out and learn to swim yourselves, take a chance, and get involved with a swimming trainer.


What Should You Know Before You Start?

The most important pieces of information would be to know when your scheduled appointment is taking place, then find any resource with the rules and regulations for the pool area.

You will want to show up and be respectful of your coach or trainer in order to establish a healthy teacher-student relationship.

Then you will need to know what sort of swimwear you will want to learn while also having the right after-pool attire for leaving the swimming facility. Finally, be sure to understand breathing techniques and how to keep your breath.


Final Thoughts on Why I Can’t Swim

There is not much that can be better practice than going to the local pool, wading around before class to get used to the water, and then having a certified trained professional teach you how to swim.

As a child, this is a perfect opportunity for learning a valuable lifelong skill which all that know how can attest is fun to know how.

Remember, the best time to learn how to swim is in one’s youth when the brain is still developing but also able to learn things easier and quicker.

Then becoming a master will take lessons or join the local high school team to get coaching and possibly become competitive.