Why Is Swimming So Much Fun?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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The act of Swimming was first done to cross waterways or to clean and cool the body, but as humans evolved to have the need for entertainment, fun, and pleasure, so did recreational activities.

Fast forward to modern times, and you will find that Swimming has become a diverse sport and recreation.

A child can play in a pool, splash their friends, and ride a water slide. At the same time, an adult strives for physical health by swimming laps.

In the same facility, a person looking to relax in the hot tub will do little Swimming to get into place. At the same time, the local water Polo team practices for its next competition.

Man and woman smiling in a swimming pool - Why Is Swimming So Much Fun?

Why do People Enjoy Swimming?

There are multiple reasons for a person to enjoy getting into the water, most of which are for entertainment. However, a practical purpose for Swimming would be to cool off during a hot day or to get quick exercise in.

As a child, the pool was a place to go wild, to jump in the water and splash the older siblings, or for a family to spend time together playing a simple beach ball game.

There is this sense of weightlessness when in the water, as if the body has found a way to defy gravity and float about in peace.


Man and woman smiling in a swimming pool - Why Is Swimming So Much Fun?

Does Swimming Help You Relax?

Certain types of swimming activities are designed to help a person relax, one of which was the advent of the ‘lazy river’ floating experience found in water parks and on some slower-moving river-like bodies of water.

Then, of course, a person could find this same calming, floating-on-water feeling at a local pool with the right blow-up accessories.

The most apparent relaxation form of Swimming is the hot springs and hot tub slow swim. There is no recreation and limited play regarding this muscle-relaxing heated pool of water, but that does not remove from its high popularity amongst people.


Is Swimming Good for Mental Health?

For all the health benefits that come from staying active and exercising regularly extend beyond just the physical aspects of health. Doctors recommend a good diet and daily activity, not just because it is good for the body but also for the mind.

Knowing that one is healthy can go a long way to building confidence in the self, not to mention that being good at something will help activate the brain’s reward center.

There are also the meditative effects that come from being underwater and when relaxing in a nicely heated pool.


How to Make Swimming Even More Fun

Now, this is where the toys, blow-up or otherwise, rafts, snorkels, and other equipment can create new experiences while swimming.

Water parks are a brilliant example of how to gear swimming activities for fun, such as significant wave pools and amusement rides like water slides.

There are bogies and surfboards for those looking to enjoy the ocean’s waves by swimming out to them and catching the big one. One can go fishing with waders or a tiny one-person flotation craft to get out into the middle of the lake and catch the monster within.


What is a Person Who loves Swimming Called?

Now, this is a fun question, there is no official or scientific term for a person who loves to swim, but there are a number of fun slang terms that we will be covering. That said, the English language is living and has been evolving here on Earth for centuries.

Below is a list of some friendly and funny nicknames for people that love to swim:


  • Fish names – Flipper, Nemo, Minnow, or grilled
  • Fantasy names – Mermaid, Neptune, ocean born
  • Famous people – ‘You’re a Phelps,’ referring to the Olympian
  • Jock names – Pool rat, lane king, lord of the waters


Final Thoughts on Why is Swimming so Much Fun

Swimming is a unique activity that has benefits such as play and recreation. In addition, there are noticeable physical health gains from being active, being in disinfected waters, and getting cardiovascular benefits.

Still, there are also a multitude of mental health benefits that accompany swimming activities.

To the person reading this article, Swimming is fun and a fantastic way to meet and interact with people; If you do not know how to swim, it will behoove you to learn if you want to make connections.

Then again, if you are into relaxing, there is a more straightforward form of Swimming that involves wading into a heated spa, hot spring, or hot tub and keeping your head above water.