Why Is It Important To Wear Proper Swimming Attire?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Have you ever wanted to go swimming but didn’t bring the right attire for it? Of course, you might say to yourself, “I don’t mind getting my regular clothes wet,” but there’s more to swimming and the water than meets the eye.

Swimwear is specifically designed for the water so that it doesn’t weigh you down, resists fading from chemicals and sunlight, and prevents harming others in the water.

Keep reading to learn more about why the proper swimwear is important to use, what it’s made of, as well as the answer to questions about cost and availability.

Man getting into a swimming pool - Why Is It Important To Wear Proper Swimming Attire?

What is a Proper Swimming Attire?

Proper swimming attire is a pretty loose category, all things considered. It’s a classification of leisurewear but incorporates a variety of styles and materials for men, women, and children.

At the most basic level, proper swimming attire is any piece of clothing that is specifically designed to go in the water.

This typically means that it is made of materials that allow it to be lightweight (because it doesn’t soak up much water), quick-drying, and won’t be damaged with some use or by chemicals and light.

Aside from those rules, proper swimming attire could be anything, depending on your sense of style. For men, swimwear usually comes as either swim shorts or casual swimming and swim trunks for competitive swimming.

Women have more options ranging from bikinis to swim dresses, one and two-pieces, and more.


Man getting into a swimming pool - Why Is It Important To Wear Proper Swimming Attire?

What is it Made of?

Although some recent trends deviate from the norm of swimsuit use and materials, swimwear is generally made from one of two options:


  • Nylon composite blends
  • Polyester composite blends


It is possible to find swimsuits that might use cotton or other materials, but these are the most common types because:


  • They stretch in a good way when soaked in water
  • They are soft and gentle on the skin
  • They are durable even during water sports
  • They dry quickly
  • They can be resistant to chemicals in the water and UV rays from the sun


What Happens to Your Body if You Don’t Use it?

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with going for a swim without the proper swimming attire – you aren’t going to magically burst into flames just because a pool sign said you need to wear appropriate swimsuits.

However, you should always wear swimming attire when swimming in pools and natural bodies of water, not only for your body but for everyone else.

The most immediate thing to happen when you swim in street clothes is that your body can develop a rash from the waterlogged fabric rubbing against your skin.

Chemicals and minerals in the water that is now in your clothes are more likely to dry out your skin as well, which can lead to acne outbreaks.

Street clothes can also have microbes on them that become waterborne diseases if you swim in them. This can get you and others seriously sick if enough pathogens enter your body.


Where Can You Buy the Best Swimming Attire?

The best swimming attire is a subjective matter because everyone looks for something different in their swimwear. Some people want a great fit, others need extra support, yet others might want something cute or stylish.

Typically, the best thing to do is visit swimwear brands’ websites and figure out what style of swimsuit you like.

Then, if you already know your size, you can purchase directly from the brand or search for possible deals through retailers like Amazon or online listings like Craigslist.

People who just want to be responsible and wear proper swimming attire can find options in-store at places like Walmart, Macy’s, or Kohl’s.


How Much Does it Cost?

Just as swimsuits come in a large number of shapes, sizes, and styles, so too do the prices for these clothing pieces. Designer brands will cost you much more than something that you can buy off the rack at Walmart but could last longer or be better fitting.

Depending on the materials, brand name, style, and more, a single swimsuit can easily cost anywhere from $20 to $500, especially regarding fashionable women’s items.

If you’re in the market for a good swimsuit that should last you a long time and compromise slightly on fit and style, you might be looking at an average of around $50 to $100.


Final Thoughts on Wearing Proper Swimming Attire

Wearing the proper swimming attire during a swim is imperative not only to your health but to the health of those around you.

Chances are you’re trying to achieve a certain look by swimming in street clothes, but there are cute, modest, and fierce options out there for any fashion sense.

If nothing else, think of your skin before swimming in regular clothes. Any clothing aside from swimwear can exacerbate dry skin, eczema, and acne issues or create those problems for you.