Why Do Swimmers Look Soft?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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A bunch of skin requirements goes into keeping a swimmer healthy, especially when, most of the time, their dermal layer is exposed to chlorine. This being said, to avoid having dry skin, a swimmer will use lotion to moisturize and soothe the dryness caused by the pool.

This can lead to the swimmer looking soft, or when shaking their hand, you notice the softness of the palms. The perspective can be that they are weak, but using moisturizing lotion all over does not help with the soft thing.

Man wearing red shorts near a pool - Why Do Swimmers Look Soft?

Why are Some Swimmers Chubby?

There are more ‘chubby’ swimmers on the casual ends of the pool than on the competitive side. When you think about Olympic athletes, there are hardly any ‘hefty’ people for the sake of shaving every half millisecond off the clock.

There is no better solution to cool off than throwing on a pair of swimming trunks and getting in the water. Not to mention, fat is naturally buoyant, making the water a relief from the weight and the heat.

This, then, will be a go-to for those bigger people that are not ashamed of their size.


Man wearing red shorts near a pool - Why Do Swimmers Look Soft?

Does Swimming Make You Curvy?

It is not just the act of swimming that will make a woman curvy. Still, the supplement of regular swimming exercise adds points to the ‘making curvy possible’ category. Working on cardio in the pool is like running or biking to get the heart rate up.

This can lead to a more beneficial weight room session where a woman can do squats if she wishes to improve the caboose. So no, swimming alone cannot make your body magically curvy, but it certainly does not hurt one’s chances.


Is it More Challenging for Skinny People to Swim?

Technically, no, it is not harder for skinny people to swim. The funny thing is that even though the lighter-framed human can glide through the water and swim faster in most cases, having a buoyant body in open water can sometimes be beneficial.

As for competition, this is where the athlete shines, and having a slim athletic build will play in one’s favor. As it stands, chubby folks can float, making it easier to swim but not having the floaters on will allow a person to swim faster and possibly competitively.


What Makes the Perfect Swimmer’s Body?

This question can have some depth; the first thing to consider is the activity being participated in.

For example, a casual swimmer taking care of the elderly or children will not necessarily want a ripped body; a chunky, buoyant body in shape might be more beneficial in the pool.

If the person is looking to compete in races, whether in open water or the Olympic lanes, they will want powerful features in the shoulders and upper body along with long, lean, and strong legs to propel them through the water.


Why do Swimmers Look so Young?

When you think about the Olympic games, most athletes will be under the age of thirty in most race-like swimming sporting events.

It is no secret that as people age, they lose particular abilities to build muscle and perform at the pinnacle of human ability; we, as humans, do not live immortal lives in the physical world.

Therefore, what ends up happening is that youth reigns in the pool, for there is always the next up and the next swimmer looking to make their mark in the swimming and Olympics history books.

The hope is that we, as a species, never stop improving and become the best we can be.


Final Thoughts on Why Swimmers Look Soft

Swimming can be broken down into many different forms and uses. However, most of humanity focuses on who can swim the longest, fastest, or best as a team to push the human form to its limits.

That does not mean, however, that a chubby body cannot be beneficial in some health care and survival situations. Do not let this be an excuse to be unhealthy; a fit overweight person fits this description, not a lazy person.

There will always be a perception of swimmers as wusses, but they can be some of the most muscular and fit human beings you will ever meet.