What To Wear When Going Swimming?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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When selecting what to wear for swimming, a person will need to consider a few things first; to start, what sort of activities will you be participating in while swimming and where.

For example, a person going to a community pool will want to wear a suit that will adequately cover the body and be functional enough to participate in recreational activities.

Then, of course, there will be those who want to wear something more comfort-oriented such as leggings and sleeveless tops. All of this comes down to the individual and their relationship with their body and self.

Four person wearing swimming headgears in a pool - What To Wear When Going Swimming?

What should a Beginner Swimmer Wear?

Let us start with the idea of being comfortable in the water and deciding what sort of swimwear will allow the swimmer to be confident in learning what they are wearing.

Taking out how one looks from the mind so one can focus on learning how to swim is the primary goal of a beginner’s outfit.

Let’s say this person soon learns they are naturally gifted at swimming and want to compete for their local team. They will want to step up and purchase the next level of swimming gear to slice through the water.


Four person wearing swimming headgears in a pool - What To Wear When Going Swimming?


How Many Towels Do You Need?

As Douglas Adams put it in Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy, ‘Don’t forget to bring a towel,’ the same can be said when heading poolside. Still, some swimmers will require more than just one towel.

For instance, a person with long hair will need one for their body and for their hair to dry properly. It does not hurt to have extra towels; you never know when you might have to loan one out or need more than the one or two initially planned.

There is not a finite number of towels required on any given day, but one or two poolside should be sufficient for a single swimming session.


Should You Wear a Robe as Well?

There is nothing that says you cannot wear a robe to the pool; in fact, wearing one could replace the need for a second towel. The pros of wearing one would apply to those just learning to be in and around the pool area.

Another group of people that would benefit are the shy or self-conscious folks who will have the chance to control when their body gets seen by others.

When leaving the pool area, the robe acts as a towel preventing dripping as you change into street clothes. There are multiple benefits to wearing a robe, but it is not required.


Why Should You Wear a Swim Cap?

The best benefit of wearing a swim cap would be to promote aerodynamics in the water, protect hair from damage, and cover the ears to help prevent water from reaching the inner ear canal.

There is also the benefit of avoiding issues with goggles and getting hair tangled.

Otherwise, the swim cap can be used for fashion, to protect a baby’s head at the public pool, or to identify others at the school swim meet.

The best utilization of the swim cap for competitive swimmers would be to use it for cut-down drag in the pool.


Do you Always Need to Wear Goggles?

The base of this question depends on the situation the swimmer finds themselves in; if it is a casual setting, then a person is not going to require goggles in most cases. However, if they swim in a competition, the swimmer will one hundred percent want a pair of goggles.

Other situations will require a good pair of goggles; for instance, particular eyewear is needed to fully appreciate a scuba or snorkeling trip. Otherwise, a diver would risk damaging their eyes and endangering death.


Final Thoughts on What to Wear When Going Swimming

Having proper swimwear is a matter of comfort in casual situations, drag-minimizing suits for competition, and open water-safe scuba gear, to name a few situations. Otherwise, when selecting attire, have fun first and foremost.

There are options like robes, extra towels, fashionable outerwear for chilling poolside, head, foot, and eyewear to match.

There are budget options that only require the simplest of swimsuits, but the important thing is that you, the swimmer, are comfortable in the clothes and skin you’re in. Remember to search and do personal investigative shopping to find the pool attire you desire.