What To Wear To A Gym Swimming Pool?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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The public swimming areas offer a couple of different opportunities. For example, this is the perfect place to showcase pool-wear fashion if you have new clothing to show off.

Otherwise, there are a bunch of different kinds of clothes that can be worn to swim or even just hang out poolside.

There are swimsuits that come in generic forms, but there will also be bathrobes, footwear, and even sunbathing hats for shading purposes. The list goes on with the accessories, towels, toys, and other gadgets you can bring to the pool to make it more enjoyable.

Woman wearing a sunglasses in a pool - What To Wear To A Gym Swimming Pool?

Can you Wear Leggings in a Swimming Pool?

As a matter of fact, yes, there are fashionable choices that can be worn at the pool; Leggings come in various styles and colors to match even the pickiest of dressers.

In addition, these provide support and comfort for those who could use the compression benefits of the leggings.

You may notice that the local water polo players will choose to wear these during competition to help maintain blood flow in the lower extremities.

Extended stays in the water, besides causing dehydration, will alter a person’s pulmonary function and overall cardiovascular system to a degree.


Woman wearing a sunglasses in a pool - What To Wear To A Gym Swimming Pool?


Is there Clothing or Swimwear You aren’t Allowed to Wear?

There are many that agree that regular street clothing does not belong in the pool to start. Then, of course, you will want to avoid wearing underwear, shoes other than wet shoes, sunglasses, or anything that will be damaged by water.

Certain ocean-grade wetsuits might be overkill at the resort pool, but the recreation center might be a good place to practice your scuba diving skills. The best policy would be to ask the front desk before bringing your expensive underwater spelunking equipment to the pool.


Are Gym Pools Different from Other Pools?

There will be differences, yes, but there will also be varying degrees of gym pools to consider. To start with, you will have your communal gyms and recreation centers that are more family oriented and geared toward athletics and fun park purposes.

You might have larger recreation centers, specialized ones with larger pools that are designed for underwater practice, and collegiate-level pools that will host oceanography and other water science classes every so often.

Then you will have the professional pools and the NASA-level science pools that will certainly have room for your new underwater exploration equipment.


Are you Allowed to Wear Goggles?

Goggles are going to be a fun toy for children and parents, especially when crafting fun games to play in the pool. In addition, the person practicing their swimming to potentially compete in races will be encouraged to get used to wearing goggles in the water.

The main purpose of the goggles is to protect the eyes from any debris in the water, which will be all the more important when considering open-water recreation.

In short, yes, people are allowed to wear and use goggles at the pool and any swimming facility (unless otherwise stated)


Are Ear Plugs Allowed?

Yes, there are going to be some folks who have issues with water getting into their ear canals as a nuisance or serious health condition.

There are going to be limited options besides getting ear plugs, custom headgear, or choosing not to submerge one’s head underwater.

Even professionals will utilize ear plugs, especially Olympic competitors and underwater explorers, which is the simplest way to protect the ears when participating in extended underwater activities.

Otherwise, earplugs are not necessary for every pool swimming situation, especially when you have to keep an ear and eye on any children running around the pool.


Final Thoughts on What to Wear to a Gym Swimming Pool 

When attending the local pool, a person will want to be more casual and comfortable, with a focus on having fun with the kids. This will go for communal, recreational, or gym pools that can be found in the local neighborhoods and cities.

Otherwise, there are going to be more professional-level swimwear available for those attempting to reach Collegiate or Olympic-level competitions along with professional charter, scientific study, or other various aquatic professions out there.

But, then again, the leggings available for swimming can be exactly what that ailing athlete needs to get back in the water and active again.