What To Wear Instead Of A Bathing Suit?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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This question is better answered in a few separate parts for a start considering whether or not the person is swimming or sunbathing. So let us go with the situation that does not require either, and ladies will find a plethora of different kinds of outfits to select from.

Wearing a sports bra and athletic apparel can be appropriate for those concerned; for men, the solution is an old pair of shorts and a sleeveless tee.

There is less demand for a man regarding poolside fashion or ocean beach wear, which comes from not having to cover the chest, as a woman would want.

Woman getting in a pool wearing black swimsuit - What To Wear Instead Of A Bathing Suit?

What to Wear to the Beach if you are Insecure?

Body image is one of those tricky psychological things humans must deal with, especially regarding sex appeal. Many publications will have a person comparing themselves to what is considered ‘sexy’ in the current time.

This, more often than not, can lead to a body image issue or feeling insecure about themselves.

The truth is that the beauty, entertainment, and fashion industry are required to set the standard of what is considered beautiful and then sell you those items that can help make you look like that.


Woman getting in a pool wearing black swimsuit - What To Wear Instead Of A Bathing Suit?


Can you Wear Normal Clothing While Swimming?

Yes, a person is not required to wear any particular clothing when swimming. The only issue that will arise is that of public opinion, to which each person must decide if this community image is important enough to learn fashion rules.

Again, there are better choices than this because everyday clothing is designed for something other than wearing in the water and could ruin the fabric.

Swimwear is designed explicitly to deal with what water can dish out, not to mention keep certain body parts in place when moving around in the water.


How Can You Swim Without a Swimsuit?

The easiest way to go swimming without a swimsuit is to do so in the nude, as the kids called it in the 90s skinny dipping. But, of course, this is not typically allowed in most public swimming areas and is not generally considered acceptable.

However, private places and nude beaches allow and, in some cases, promote this type of behavior. In these places and situations, feel free to be free.

Otherwise, water apparel can replace a swimsuit; for instance, many scuba divers and ocean fairing swimmers will use a wet suit.


Can you Wear Leggings to Swim?


Depending on the leggings style, these new ‘yoga pants’ like swimwear pull up over the legs in a skintight embrace. They are designed to keep the legs and hip region warm and protected when swimming in natural places or at the community pool.

Made with similar materials as other skin tight wear, these leggings are typically made with spandex fibers mixed with polyester or nylon. One fun aspect of these leggings is the freedom that comes with pairing a top with the leggings worn for the beach trip or local pool.


Can you Wear a Sports Bra as a Bathing Suit Top?

In the last section, there was mention of mixing and matching with the swimwear leggings, and a sports bra fits with leggings very well. Be sure to wear no cotton fabric tops, which could help the wearer avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Therefore, look for similar spandex fabrics, like leggings, or plan to stay out of the water if cotton is your only option. The truth is that a woman is entitled to do with her body as she sees fit.

Men, I do not recommend a sports bra; other options available to you will have a better fit and are more comfortable, but like women, it’s your body, do what makes you feel comfortable.


Final Thoughts on What to Wear Instead of a Bathing Suit

There are many options out there for swimwear and swimwear alternatives. Long gone are the days of swimming trunks and bikinis, though they are still worn frequently as the only options for fashion when at the beach or poolside.

As time goes on, the innovation of swimwear, particularly for women, has been fascinating to watch and see the company’s design of the future of wet wear. The deadliest combo for a woman could be the new swim leggings with a bikini top, good luck boys (and girls).

Do keep in mind that when shopping for swimwear, do some digging and investigate the product and company; the research will pay off in the end.