What To Wear Inside Swimsuit

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Whether you are new to swimming or not, there are several reasons why someone might want to wear something underneath their swimsuit.

For most people, the issue with swimsuits is a lack of support. For men, the mesh netting of a swimsuit may not be enough to comfortably hold their package.

Women also have a similar problem with their busts with some swimsuits, so wearing something underneath a swimsuit can provide extra support while maintaining the attractive look of a swimsuit.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can wear underneath a swimsuit, why some people do it, and more.


What Should You Wear Inside the Swimsuit?

Ideally, your swimsuit should provide great coverage and support, so you don’t need to wear anything inside your swimsuit.

When this isn’t the case, there are a few options if you find that you aren’t comfortable with how much skin you are revealing with your swimsuit or you aren’t getting the support you need. The main options for wearing something underneath a swimsuit include:


  • Underwear like boxers
  • Another swimsuit (swim briefs)
  • Compression shorts
  • Some bras


All of these will provide extra support that you may need when worn underneath a swimsuit, but ideally, you shouldn’t be wearing anything under a swimsuit because these solutions create other problems.


Do You Need to Wear a Bra Inside the Swimsuit?

Most properly fitting swimsuits should provide support and cover you so that you don’t need to wear any additional items. However, there are some exceptions when it comes to women’s swimsuits.

If you wear a one-piece swimsuit or a swim dress, you might find your bust isn’t supported enough. Wearing a bra underneath your swimming outfit is a great solution in these cases.

This is because you can get the support you need, and your outfit can hide any straps that your bra may have for an appealing look. Of course, some of the bras may still show in other areas, which may not be desirable, but it isn’t a problem.

The best time to wear a bra under these kinds of swimsuits is when you don’t plan on getting in the water since bras aren’t designed to withstand being saturated with water and the chlorine or salts in the water.


What Do People Wear Under Swimsuits?

Some people wear underwear inside their swimsuits for extra support, but compression shorts and swim briefs are better options.

Swim briefs will provide some of the best support for both men and women while keeping a low profile. They are also designed to be worn for long periods at the beach or pool, so they’ll be able to keep up with all your waterside activities.

Compression shorts are used by athletes in a variety of sports and work well in a pinch when it comes to swimming. The compression support keeps everything in place, and the fabric is made to wick moisture away from the skin and dries quickly.


Why Is it Recommended Not to Wear Anything Inside the Swimsuit?

Wearing anything underneath your swimsuit can cause some unexpected problems after being in the water. Materials commonly used in underwear aren’t made for swimming and can be ruined by the pool chemicals or salts of the ocean.

Additional items under your swimsuit can absorb water, especially if they are made of cotton. Unfortunately, this makes it much harder to swim and stay afloat. It also takes a long time to dry.

Undergarments and other items worn inside a swimsuit often become very uncomfortable because they can cause chafing and rashes. 

Also, if you’ve been wearing your underwear all day and go swimming in it, dirt and disease can be introduced to a pool which is bad for other swimmers.


What Kind of Bra Can You Wear Under a Swimsuit?

Although you shouldn’t wear a bra underneath your swimsuit, some bras may be a better choice.

Sports bras, for example, are probably your best bet because they provide plenty of support, and their materials will be able to resist some water and salts better than fancy lace bras.

Some products called swim bras are advertised and treated as proper bras but fit for swimming thanks to quick-drying components and materials that can resist any chemicals in the water.

If you don’t want to look like you’re simply wearing a bra at the beach or pool, you could wear one of these under your swimsuit.


Final Thoughts on What To Wear Inside Swimsuit

There are options for people who want to wear something extra under their swimsuit, but none of them are recommended because they can be damaged and cause uncomfortable problems like chafing.

Wearing items that aren’t intended for swimming can also cause health problems for your fellow swimmers, so be considerate of others and avoid extra undergarments if possible.

Look for swimwear that properly fits your body, and if you must wear something underneath, try quick-drying, moisture-wicking items like many other athletic clothes.