Swimming Everyday For 30 Days

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Losing weight can be difficult for many people, but those who often want to lose some weight fool themselves into thinking that a few days of extreme dieting and exercise will make them skinny for the rest of their future.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Consistency is more important, so swimming every day for 30 days can be a good first start to a healthier lifestyle, but you cannot stop there.

Read on to learn more about the potential advantages and disadvantages of swimming every day for 30 days.

Man with green swim cap swimming in a lake - Swimming Everyday For 30 Days

Will You Lose Weight?

Even within the scientific research community, diet and exercise are some of the most fiercely contended topics for debate. Unfortunately, experts’ opinions change so frequently that we are always confused about what is accurate.

Luckily, the answer to this question is quite straightforward: it depends. If we’ve learned one thing about how the human body works to lose weight, it’s that a calorie deficit is needed to burn fat and lose undesirable body weight.

Swimming every day for 30 days can certainly help you achieve a calorie deficit, but if you’re eating high-calorie, processed foods every day for the same 30 days, it is unlikely you will be in a deficit or the deficit will be so small that you don’t really lose any weight.


Will You Swim Faster?

Theoretically, if you practice anything, you should get better at it. When it comes to swimming, getting better usually means becoming a faster swimmer. However, you can swim every day for 30 days and not be any faster if you don’t practice correctly.

If you are reviewing your performance and learning after each swim session over the 30 days, you will likely find ways to improve your posture or stroke, which will shave seconds off your personal best times.

On the other hand, if you swim mindlessly every day, you may not get much faster. But, if you do, it will be because your muscles are somewhat stronger than what they were, so you have a stronger catch phase in swimming, even if you don’t improve your technique.


Man with green swim cap swimming in a lake - Swimming Everyday For 30 Days

Is this Too Much Exercise?

In general, yes, this is too much exercise, but it can depend on how long your swimming sessions are each day. This is especially true for people who are trying to improve themselves and their bodies for the first time.

If your body is not used to this amount of exercise, you can easily hurt or strain yourself and become demotivated or at least delay your goals as a result.

Even professional athletes take breaks to allow their bodies to recover from intense workouts. If they aren’t taking a full day of rest, they are alternating their exercise routines, so no one group of muscles becomes overworked.

Depending on how long you spend in the water each day for 30 days, your body will tell you it’s too much through symptoms like dry skin and hair or other chronic, swimming-related issues.


Will Your Muscles Grow?

Your muscles have the potential to grow from this much swimming in a relatively short time, but you need to give them time to repair themselves after a workout.

A proper diet will also go a long way to providing the necessary nutrients for muscle growth and fat elimination.

However, an intense 5-hour swim session every day for 30 days will probably do more harm to your body than good.


Will Your General Health Improve?

The answer is yes and no. By pushing your body through exercises like swimming, your body will experience benefits such as:


  • Greater lung capacity
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Higher energy levels
  • Reduced stress


However, getting the full extent of these benefits and maintaining them comes down to a healthy, varied diet with proper nutrition. It also requires consistency beyond the first 30 days of exercise.

At the same time, you can overdo it and cause damage to your general health depending on how hard you exercise each day for the 30 days.


Final Thoughts on Swimming Everyday For 30 Days

Swimming every day for 30 days can be a great first step in weight loss, but it should not be your only means of success. You will have more energy and motivation for consistent workouts past the first 30 days by allowing your body to rest and feeding it the right foods.

Achieving the perfect beach body or simply aiming for a healthier lifestyle should be a lifelong pursuit, so there is no need to put yourself in danger by overworking yourself in such a short time.