Polaris 9550

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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 4.1 out of 5 stars


  • 7-day Programming
  • Motion-Sensing Remote
  • Caddy Included


  • Rear Jet may stir up small particles
  • Remote can be hard to use

Our Verdict

  • Extremely effective at doing its job
  • Excellent variety of options
  • Caddy makes moving it easy



Technical Specs

  • 70 ft. Cable
  • 4WD with fixed scrubbing brush
  • Aqua-Trak Tires
  • Caddy is a powder-coated alloy
  • 21 pounds

Our Review

For those interested in getting a high-end robotic vacuum for a moderate price, the Polaris 9550 is the choice for you. It’s sleek gray and blue finish, along with its black sidewall wheels make it look like a miniature sports car as it crawls along the surface of the pool. Weighing in at only 21 pounds, it is one of the lightest vacuums tested.


Besides looking luxurious, the 9550 comes loaded with a ton of features meant to make your like of owning a pool less hectic and more relaxing. Along with those features comes the trusted quality and excellent customer service you expect from company like Polaris. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

4WD Tires

Instead of a track system, the Polaris 9550 uses a four-wheel drive system to maneuver around the pool. On these wheels are what Polaris has called the Aqua-track tires, capable of moving on any and all pool surfaces. The 9550 can traverse the entire surface of your pool, from the bottom, to the walls, steps, and any benches you might have. If other vacuums have caused you problems with not covering the entire pool, the Polaris 9550 is the one you need to try.

Advanced Vacuum Technology

Two gray scrubbers on the front end of the cleaner work to dislodge debris, which is then sucked up using Polaris’s Vortex Vacuum Technology. Dirt, acorns, and other debris are trapped inside the canister, which uses a fine mesh screen to filter the water before sending it back into the pool via the water jet on the back of the robot.

The debris canister is one of the best features of the 9550, as it is easy to access and very easy to clean. Simply press a button to pop open the lid, lift out the canister, open it up. Once out, you can shake out the debris. Any dirt or hair that collects on the screen can be easily washed away with a high-power water hose. At no time will your hands come in contact with any debris while cleaning up

Another amazing function of the 9550 is it ability to get debris that is lodged in tight corners and crevices. Debris that other vacuums, even the high-end robotic vacuums, would normally miss, the Polaris 9550 picks it up with ease.

It lets you know when it’s full

Along with the excellent vacuum system and filtration canisters comes the ability to know when the robot is full. You no longer have to guess or assume when it’s full. Instead, there is an indicator on the remote and control box that will let you know the vacuum is full.

Lifting it out of the pool has never been easier

The Polaris 9550 has what is called the Lift system. The Lift System is a useful feature. Pressing this button tells the robot to automatically stop what it is doing and return to the side of the pool. You tell it which side to return to by pressing and holding the button. The 9550 will then climb the wall and wait for you to remove it using the handle (not the cord). Once you start pulling it from the water it will expel most of the water from the filter back into the pool, which makes it much lighter and easier to haul out. During this time, the LED panel will display LIFT.

Has a waterline cleaning Cycle

Another feature that makes this the go-to vacuum is its water line cleaning cycle. When choosing this cycle, the robot will automatically move to the water line and begin cleaning. This is an excellent feature for pools with a tile pattern around the water line.

Impressive Programmability

If you have been looking for a bot you can program and then let it work with minimal intervention from your part, the Polaris 9550 is it. In fact, one of the most notable features on this bot is its 7-day programmable timer. It literally allows you the opportunity to program your bot on a set cleaning schedule for an entire week.

If you wanted to, this would allow you to drop your bot in your pool, program in the set schedule you want, and leave it. In fact, if your pool tends to stay clean anyways, this is the perfect wayt o ensure your water stays nice and fresh. For pools that tends to stay a little on the dirty side, the only intervention needed from you would be to clean the filter out occasionally.

Tangle Free Cable

Most robotic vacuums are going to say they have a tangle-free cable. Yet, when push comes to shove, they really only have a cable that may not tangle. With the Polaris 9550, you can believe it won’t get tangled. After all, the worst thing for an owner of a robotic vacuum to find when they look in their pool is a stopped vacuum caused by the cable. Many of pool times have been ruined because of this.

Motion Sensing Remote

The Polaris 9550 comes standard with a motion sensing remote. This remote allows the user to have complete control over the bot while it is in the water. Is the bot in the middle of a cycle but you see a large batch of debris you want it to get? Simply guide it to the debris using the remote. Then, when it’s done with your task, it can go back to its cycle like you were never there.

During testing, the remote did seem to be a little on the difficult side to master. Also, the communication between it and the vacuum seemed to be slow. However, it is an excellent feature, seeing as it comes at no additional price.

Caddy is included

Even though the Polaris 9550 is extremely lightweight, the worse feeling in the world is having to carry it back and forth between the storage building. This is especially the case if you have a large yard. That’s the exact reason why Polaris has included a caddy with the purchase of the 9550.

Don’t worry. Though the 9550 comes preassembled, the caddy does not. However, if you can figure out how to use the remote for the 9550, you can assemble the caddy. No tools are required. Also, because quality of every one of their products is the highest priority for Polaris, the caddy is made of a high-quality powder coated alloy.


Although it comes at a considerably high price, the Polaris 9550 Sport is a very efficient in-ground pool cleaner. It is designed with user comfort in mind by accessorizing it heavily with gadgets that allow you to clean your pool with as little effort and time as possible. If you are looking for a top notch in ground pool cleaner that is low maintenance, effective and durable, then this is just for you.