Is Barton Springs Pool Cold?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Yes, Barton Springs is known for being very cold. However, it sits at a temperature below what is considered safe and comfortable for swimmers. One of the main complaints it receives is the cold shock that swimmers often receive due to the temperature. 

However, this pool is still extremely popular due to its consistent temperature, even during the winter. Some swimmers find the cold refreshing during the summer months and relatively warm in the middle of winter.

Keep reading to learn more about the temperature of the Barton Springs water and whether or not it will be right for your swimming needs. 

People swimming in the Barton Springs Pool - Is it cool?

Is Barton Springs Too Cold?

Barton Springs is technically too cold to be considered safe for swimming. However, Barton Springs sits at a temperature just below what is considered safe for swimmers. 

While it boasts that it is the ideal temperature, most sources say swimming at that temperature is unsafe. When swimming in Barton Springs, wearing a wet or dry suit is recommended to stave off the cold, especially during the summer months. 

However, the temperature is just below what is considered safe, so it is all up to personal preference and listening to your body. The outside environment can also affect how your body reacts to the temperature change.


People swimming in the Barton Springs Pool - Is it cool?


Is it Open During the Winter?

Yes, Barton Springs is open during the winter. In fact, Barton Springs is open all year round. However, Barton Springs is only closed during freezing temperatures when the pool freezes over. Therefore, the best time to visit this pool is in winter.

From November to February, the pool is free for all visitors. However, this is often the time only locals of the area visit due to the drop in tourists. The water is also safer to swim in during the winter months.


Does it feel warm in the winter?

The water of Barton Springs does feel warmer during winter. However, this is not because the water itself is necessarily warmer. Conversely, spring-fed pools are notorious for their consistent temperatures. 

The water feels warmer because the temperature outside of the water is colder than the water itself. Therefore, as mentioned before, the cold months are safer to swim in this temperature of water because of that. 

This safety comes from the shock your body can receive when going from warm weather to very cold water, such as that in Barton Springs. This cold shock can lower your heart rate and blood pressure as well as cause difficulty breathing.


What is the Average Temperature?

The average temperature of Barton Springs is 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This average temperature hovers right around what is considered safe to swim in, which is 70 degrees or higher.

However, higher temperatures, around 77 to 82 degrees, are said to be the most comfortable for swimmers. This temperature range keeps the swimmer warm enough to prevent cold shock, even on a warm day. 

This makes it so that swimming in Barton Springs can be unenjoyable for most people, especially during the summer months. Thankfully, the majority of people tend to leave the pool due to the discomfort of cold shock before being injured. 


What’s the Highest Temperature Possible?

The highest temperature possible is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this is rare because the underground spring that feeds the pool tends to maintain the temperature during the summer. 

Even at its highest temperature, the pool is not comfortable. However, it stays rather cool year-round. This again reiterates that swimmers should be careful getting into the pool and watching how they feel to avoid cold shock. 

However, many people prefer this cold temperature, no matter the time of year. It is again up to personal preference, but always be safe and listen to your body. 


Final Thoughts on Is Barton Springs Pool Cold

Barton Springs has received many complaints of cold shock from the temperature of its pool over the years. However, many people find its temperature appealing. It stays at a constant temperature from the spring it is fed by.

Oftentimes, people during the summer find it refreshing during the hot Texas weather. Locals love it during the winter for its free admission and warming waters to contrast the cold weather. 

Overall, the Barton Springs temperature is up to personal abilities. However, if it fits your preference, be careful to keep an eye out for cold shock and have fun.