Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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4.2 out of 5 stars


  • Walls are sturdy
  • Easy to set up
  • Included filter works great


  • Ground must be completely level
  • Ladder is Narrow

Our Verdict

  • Big enough for the whole family
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Easy maintenance and upkeep



Technical Specs

  • Available in multiple sizes

o Rectangular-24x12x52 & 32x16x52

o Round-16×48 & 18×52

  • Lightweight and Durable PVC sidewalls
  • Water Capacity-5,061 (in the 16×48 model)

Our Review

With the dog days of summer comes the desire of nearly every person to be in the water. After all, what better way is there to cool off than by jumping into a pool. Better, yet, is being able to enjoy the pool with your family and friends. That’s why Intex has developed the perfect pool system that allows any family to enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool


The Intex Ultra Frame Pool features a construction that is designed to withstand the heaviest of activities. The frame is constructed using powder-coated steel that will hold the weight of the water without being susceptible to rust and other forms of corrosion. Additionally, these steel fittings are designed using an innovative method that not only increases their durability but allows them to easily connect without any tools.

Yes. The design of this Intex pool is such that the joints connect with push-button connections. In fact, if your ground has been properly leveled beforehand, this pool can be assembled and ready for water in less than 45 minutes. Of course, how fast you are able assemble will also depend heavily on how much help you have. To make your set up easier, Intex includes an instructional DVD that will guide you the entire way.

The premise behind the easy setup is not just to make the initial assembly easy. This pool is designed to be able to be broken down and stored away during winter months. While some climates may be conducive to leaving it up year-round, this will often shorten the longevity of the pool.


The liner on the Intex Ultra Frame is perhaps one of the most important, and beautiful, aspects of the pool. It’s top priority it to hold the water in; it does this extremely well. The puncture resistant, 3-ply material is sure to withstand even the roughest of swimmers without ripping. Also, with the help of the ground cloth that is include with the pool, and separates the pool from the ground, even the roughest of weeds won’t penetrate. Furthermore, with the blue tile print on the inside, and clean gray-scale color on the exterior, it makes the pool pleasant to look at.

Level the Ground

This is the most important step in the setup process and should be done before the pool arrives, but especially before you attempt to set it up. It the pool is constructed on unlevel ground, the liner will leak and the pool will be extremely unstable and unsafe to swim in.

It may be wise to hire someone to do this task for you, especially if you don’t have the proper machines. Intex does, however, recommend that you DO NOT use sand to level the ground. This will cause the legs on the pool’s wall to be unstable and could potential cause severe damage.


The filter that comes with the Intex Ultra Frame is a sand filter and pump combo. Though many have opted to add a salt-water filter onto their pump, the included pump and filter work great. TO start off with, the pump has the ability to cycle through 1200 gallons of water every hour. That means, if you left the pump on for five hours, you would have filtered every ounce of water in your pool.

TO make it easy for anyone to set up the pump, it is wired with a 110-volt electrical current. This means it will plug in to any standard electrical outlet. Plus, to make it as safe as possible, Intex has designed the pump with a GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, that shuts the pump off automatically if the wires are exposed to any water.

Though it doesn’t come with any sand, it only needs 26 pounds of No. 20 silica sand to operate. This allows it to capture even the tiniest debris out of the water. This means that you can spend less time on maintaining clean water and more time enjoying it. Plus, the better sand you have in the pump, the less chemicals you’ll need to keep the water clear.

The pump has several features that make it excellent to use. For starters, the multi-valve system has the ability to easily adjust from pumping to backwashing and even a 24hr timer. With the timer, you can set which time you want the pump to turn on and off, taking the thought out of maintaining it. The valve also has the ability to be set to turn on for an allotted amount of time and then turn of. For instance, if you were going to be gone for the day, but needed to run the pump, you could turn it on and set it to turn off automatically in, say, five hours.

Furthermore, making the pool water cleared and more hygienic, Intex has developed a dual-suction outlet system that draws water out of the pool and into the filter system in two separate points. This not only ensures the water coming into the filter is steady, but increases the water’s circulation, thereby moving more debris to the filter system. This makes the water cleaner and clearer, equaling more fun for your family.

Included Accessories

Besides the basic essentials you need for the pool to operate, such at the pump and filter, liner, and walls, the Intex Ultra Frame pool has some nice accessories it comes with. First off, the debris cover that comes included with the package is excellent at keeping leaves, dirt, and other debris from entering the pool while it’s not in use. With the rope tie-down feature, simply through the cover on the pool, tie it down, and you no longer have to worry about the debris, nor the cover flying off with the wind.

It also comes with a high-quality ladder. The ladder is made if a corrosion resistant steel frame and includes slip-resistant steps. However, most consumers who have purchased this pool have stated how the ladder tends to be a little narrow. These could also vary with the different sizes of pools you purchase. We can say, though, that the weight limit is 300 pounds, so it may not be the perfect fit for larger adults to use.

Over all, the Intex Ultra Frame pool is an excellent choice for any family looking to add a pool to their backyard without investing a ton of money. Though the prices will vary depending on the size you get, you will still be getting an excellent deal, considering the Intex Ultra Frame pool is one of the toughest and most durable portable pools on the market.

This makes for the perfect summer project for your family. Not only will your family get to work together to assemble it but everyone will get to reap the reward. There’s nothing better for the dog days of summer.