Intex Pure Spa

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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4.2 out of 5 stars


  • Easy to set up
  • Hard Water treatment included
  • Control panel is easy to use


  • Can become crowded
  • No Seating inside

Our Verdict

  • Perfect for relaxing on the patio
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Comes with everything needed to get started


Technical Specs

  • Available in multiple sizes that can hold 4-6 people, depending on the size.
  • 2-filter system
  • Water Capacity-210-290 gallons
  • Fiber-tech construction

Our Review

There’s nothing more relaxing after a hard day’s work than soaking your sore muscles in a hot tub. The problem is, most of us can’t afford to have a permanent hot tub on our property. That’s why portable hot tubs were invented. Nobody makes portable hot tubs like Intex does.

The Intex Pure Spa is the companies premier brand of portable hot tubs. Intex has developed their Pure Spas to be affordable on any budget, giving more families access to this relaxing purchase. Plus, through implementing some of the market-leading construction techniques, Intex has developed their Pure Spa to outlast the competition.


To start off with, Intex wanted to create a portable hot tub that would last more than a couple of years. That’s why, with the Pure Spa series, Intex decided to construct it using a Fiber-tech construction. Not only are the fiber’s in the material used stronger and more durable, the way the material is constructed to form the Pure Spa forms ridges that form a sturdy structure that won’t bend or wobble. In fact, a person could sit on the side of the Pure Spa and it not cave in like other blow-up hot tubs.

The Pure Spa series is available in many different options, so you experience may differ some, depending on which size you go with. However, the same great construction and design went into every size available. These variations include:

  • Pure Spa 6 Person Round Bubble Massage Spa
  • Pure Spa 4-person Octagon Bubble Massage Spa
  • Pure Spa 4-person round Bubble Massage Spa
  • Pure Spa 4-person octagon Deluxe jet and Bubble Spa
  • Pure Spa 4-person round Deluxe jet and Bubble Spa

The Bubble massage spa systems come with a chlorine dispenser and spa filters while the jet and bubble spa systems include a built-in salt water system for increased relaxation. Regardless of which system you decide to go with, you can be assured you will have the comfort of relaxing in your own personal hot tub.


Setting up the Pure spa is a breeze. The size you get will greatly affect the time it takes to set it up, especially when it comes time to inflate it. However, one person can easily set it up and get it ready for water in less than an hour.

The package does include everything you will need to set the spa up. The control system even has a blower function (the same system it uses to produce the bubbles in the spa) that will easily inflate the spa. The step-by-step manual will guide you through the entire process. It even includes detailed pictures that make it easy to follow along.


The whole purpose behind these garden hot tubs is so that they can remain portable. To make this easier, Intex designed theirs to include grab handles to allow for easy and comfortable transport. Though you won’t be able to move it with water in it, these handles will help you move it without needed to deflate it.

Once you are done with it for the season, taking it down is just as easy at the set up. Plus, it includes a heavy-duty bag that allows it to remain safe for travel and storage.


Besides being conducive to a relaxing evening, the Intex Pure Spa series comes with some amazing features you would only expect to find on high-end hot tubs.

Hard Water Control

Hard water can not only ruin your spa’s internal systems, it can be harmful to your skin after prolonged exposure, as well. That’s why Intex has developed a cutting-edge technology to combat hard water in their Pure Spa system.

After a while, hard water will build up in the piping and the walls of the spa. This will then begin to limit the flow of water through your Spa. In turn, the longevity of your spa is greatly reduced. With the implementation of Intex’s hard water treatment system, elements in the hard water are crystalized and removed by the filter cartridge. This leaves only soft water in the spa.

You will instantly see a difference in your skin once the hard water is removed. You skin will be relaxed, moistened, and healthy instead of dry and wrinkly.

Included Insulated Cover

The cover that is included with the Pure Spa inflates using the same method as the spa itself. It is made out of heavy-duty, thermal insulated material that fits perfectly down inside the spa’s opening. This works to keep the water clean from any debris as well as to prevent the heat in the water from escaping.

The cover has a lock feature on all sides of the spa that secure the cover. This simply snap together and the cover becomes part of the spa, meaning that the wind or other factors can’t remove it.

Heating System

Besides heating up the water, the Pure Spa’s heating system works to keep the temperature consistent. For safety concerns, it won’t allow you to go higher than 104°F. However, that’s plenty warm to feel the relaxing effects on your muscles.

Also, the heating system uses 110v, so it can work on any power source. Just remember, using an extension cord is not recommended as it would cause issues with correct voltage getting to the unit. This shouldn’t be hard, considering the cord on the control unit is 12 feet long.

Additional features you get with the Pure Spa system are:

  • 3-way test strip, to test the water chemical levels
  • 2 filter cartridges (these are also inexpensive to replace)
  • Floating pool chlorine dispenser
  • Thermal ground cloth

Easy To use

Unlike other portable spas that seem to require an engineering degree to be able to operate, the Pure Spa’s control unit is easy to set up and use. It comes in two pieces that simply sit down inside each other. Then, when you’re ready, everything else is push-button. It has selection buttons for bubbles, heat control, warmer, and the ability to turn the filter mode on and off. That is the extent of the control system.

Over all, the Intex Pure Spa portable hot tub is the perfect answer for those wanting the experience of having their own hot tub without the expense of a permanent one. This system is incredibly easy to use and maintain. Additionally, it is priced to fit in any budget. Not to mention, the operating costs are exceptionally low.

It’s sturdy and dependable, built to last you a long time and give you countless hours of enjoyment as your sit and let the bubbles relax you. Really, the only reason to not buy this portable hot tub is if you don’t like hot tubs in the first place. If there are any other doubts about buying your own garden hot tub, this Pure Spa system is the answer.