How To Stretch Out A Competitive Swimsuit

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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To be plain with the reader, there are going to be as many opinions and techniques as to how to stretch something effectively for competition.

There is, however, a consensus on getting a swimsuit stretched out: wet the garment with cold water followed by wringing it out repeatedly until the desired fit is achieved.

Pull and tug on the fabric until the stretch is to the wearer’s liking; this will, in theory, minimize the chance for slippage and maintain a safe and professional appearance when competing on stage or in the pool.

A black swimsuit on a woman's body - Stretch Out A Competitive Swimsuit.

Are Competitive Swimsuits Supposed to be Tight?

There are a couple of reasons to have a swimsuit skin tight; it will be for style points and professionalism during a swimsuit competition.

A model that intends to look their best to appear with their A+ confidence will take little things like knowing the bathing suit is hugging the curves perfectly and staying in place.

The purpose of the swimsuit is to help define the sexier parts of the woman’s body and to project personality and confidence, which is achieved in part by maintaining a well-fitting bathing suit.

There are specific rules and coaching guidelines a model will follow on how tight the swimwear is supposed to fit.


A black swimsuit on a woman's body - Stretch Out A Competitive Swimsuit.

How to Fix the Swimsuit Elasticity

There are common sense procedures that help a person avoid losing elasticity, let alone professionals who will prevent a model’s best swimsuit from losing shape.

Habits like washing swimwear in cold water and letting the air dry, away from the sun, are some of the more commonly known techniques.

More advanced steps can be taken at the beginning, such as rinsing the suit in cold water and soaking it in vinegar immediately after.

However, a better action plan would be to have backup swimwear stretched out and fitted correctly to the model’s natural body shape to avoid needing to ‘fix a swimsuit.’


What Should You Use to Stretch it?

There are some simple ways to stretch out a swimsuit effectively; the most common is a pair of knowing hands. When learning the trade techniques, such as modeling swimwear competitively or being a part of a model’s team.

Racks and other specialized projects are designed to stretch the fabric and help the user achieve the desired fit.

One product of mention is similar to the loom or hide stretching rack that can hold the swimsuit in place and keep the fabric taught until dry, in effect stretching the material for that tight fit.


Does it Stretch out With Time?

Over time, as with anything stretchy or elastic, it will lose fabric integrity and a tight fit. However, specific professional means, like sprays, are known to ‘shrink’ the material and help keep the fabric in skintight and in place.

Otherwise, it is wise to keep an eye on the integrity of the swimwear, even the casual pairs. This will go a long way towards preventing embarrassing situations or appearing unprofessional on stage.

One thing to keep in mind is that all swimwear will wear out over time; keeping fresh pairs of swimwear will be the best practice.


How Can You Tell if it’s the Wrong Size?

People will make different mistakes when purchasing a swimsuit; one is buying a ‘future-body’ swimsuit. However, there are some easy signs to tell if your swimwear does not fit correctly; the point of the bottom is to shape your, but now you know.

Otherwise, it is too big when the top feels uncomfortable and loose, especially if you keep falling out of it. The swimsuit is likely too small if there is immense pinching from the top or bottom.

The best way to avoid buying a non-fitting swimsuit, try on multiple garments until you find the fit you are looking for.


Final Thoughts on How to Stretch out a Competitive Swimsuit

There are straightforward steps that can be taken to help a person find a properly fitting swimsuit, the easiest of them all would be to try on multiple different garments and be sure the fit is what the wearer is looking for.

For example, in a competitive swimwear contest, a contestant will want the swimsuit that defines their body to tell their story, show their personality, project the model’s confidence, and fit tightly, stay in place as they move about the stage.

Having the proper size that feels right and has that secure fit can do a lot for a person’s self-esteem and outward show of confidence.