Dolphin S200 Pool Cleaner

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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 4.1 out of 5 stars


  • Looks Extremely pleasant
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Bumper to Bumper Warranty


  • No Weekly Timer
  • “Bare Bones” Device

Our Verdict

  • Easy to lift in and out of pool
  • One of the Cheaper Robotic Vacuums
  • Great for any pool owner


Technical Specs

  • 60 ft. floating power cord
  • 360° Rotation of the cord
  • Filters particles down to 2 microns
  • Filters 3,735 gallons per hour

Our Review

If you are looking for the best robotic vacuum, with regards to cleaning, without the bells and whistles found on higher-end models, the Dolphin S200 Pool Cleaner is the one for you. Known as the “bare-bones” of robotic vacuums, the S200 does what is was intended to do perfectly, and that is clean pools.



While looks are definitely not what you should base your purchase solely on, the looks of the S200 are aesthetically pleasing. With the majority of the color scheme being black, with a hint of blue and white spread around, it is a pretty bot. Beyond the color, the handle is perfectly woven into the body, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb the way most others do.

Beyond the looks of the S200, there’s a lot that went in to making the robotic vacuum so good at its job, yet without the bonus features. Let’s look at some of those features that are included on the S200:

PowerStream Mobility

This is a cutting edge, patent pending, technology being produces by the makes of the Dolphin vacuums. Its purpose is to let the bod have more power when climbing, and to allow it to stay on the walls without falling off. TO accomplish this, it uses a multi-directional water flow, shooting from the back and side of the machine.

These directed water jets give the robotic an extra push in power. Also, when it does reach the waterline, the jets on the side give it increased navigational control so that it cleans the water line with ease. Even on tile surfaces, the S200 cleans admirably.

Precise Navigational System

In addition to the power streams on the S200, this robotic pool vacuum uses what Dolphin has called it’s CleverClean Coverage navigation system. Simply put, this puts a microprocessor on the robotic and gives it the ability to literally have a mind of its own.

With the enhanced ability to navigate your pool, the S200 can sense objects in its path and correct its course before getting hung up. Additionally, when its first placed in the pool, it does a scan of the pool to determine the most effective route to take to clean the entire pool in less time.

It’s truly amazing to watch as, over time, the S200 learns every inch of your pool. You’ll see that, the more cycles you run, the better it leaners your pool. And, the better it learns your pool, the more likely you are to have a clean and clear pool.

Rotating Brushes

The brush system on the S200 is perhaps what sets it ahead of other robotic vacuums. Instead of being stationary, or even rotating at the speed of the vacuum, the brushes on the S200 spin at 2x the rate of the bot’s speed. This not only helps to give you the best possible results, but works to remove even the hardest set-in stains.

While most vacuums made for inground pools focus on the suction motion, this tends to leave a majority of the algae and other bacteria in the pool. With the spinning motion of the brushes on the Dolphin S200 Pool Cleaner, a;gae and other debris is easily swept off the pool’s surface and sucked into the vacuum system.

Multi-Layer Filtration

When you speak of the filtration systems on most other robotic vacuums, you tend to have to switch out each filtering media. For example, if you want to filter the algae and small particles out of your pool, yet have the large filter back on, you have to remove the vacuum from the pool and switch out the filters. The S200 isn’t this way.

Instead, it uses a multi-layer approach to its filtration system. It can still filter out the small particles, down to 2 microns in size. However, it’s an all-in-one system. When the vacuum sucks in the water, it moves through the various stages of filtration. First, the large debris is caught in the outer chamber. Then, as the water continues on, the smaller particles are caught in the next chamber.

You are still able to hold as much debris in the S200 as you can with other systems. The only difference is that, now, there’s no need for changing the filter. It is needful to note that this may cause the filter to become full quicker, depending on the severity of your pool.

Cleaning out the filters on the S200, however, is just as easy as it is on any other Dolphin machine. Simply take the filter compartment out of the robot and rinse with a high-pressure garden hose. Also, instead of the filter being on the bottom, and risking the debris getting dumped back into the pool as it’s lifted out of the water, the S200 has top access to the inside, removing the chance of debris getting back into the water.


Most problems consumers face when they purchase a robotic vacuum is how heavy the device actually is. While the device is in the water, weight doesn’t play much of a factor. However, it’s the toting it back and forth to the pool that makes it hard, even if you have a caddy.

With the Dolphin S200 Pool Cleaner, you don’t have to worry about needing a weight-lifters body to put the vacuum in the pull. With the lightweight design, and conveniently placed handle, lifting the S200 in and out of the water is a literal breeze.

Easy to use control system

Here is where the “bare Bones” design of the S200. For most advanced robotic pool vacuums, the control box takes a rocket scientist to know how to operate it. Even with some of the easier to use systems, the available options are overwhelming. Because Dolphin wanted to make the S200 as easy to use as possible, they stripped away those options.

Instead, you are left with one decision to make; do you want it to run continuously or in a 2-hour cycle.  When you first put the robot in to the pool, you simply turn it on and then select the cycle. On average, each two-hour cycle only cost $0.15 to run, give or take a cent depending on your electric charges.

Don’t let the lack of options turn you away, though. IT cleans the pool extremely well, even on a 2-hour cycle. And, with the sensor technology, it will clean better the more it’s in the pool. If you’re on the fence about investing in a robotic pool vacuum, the S200 would make an excellent choice. With fewer features means fewer moving parts that could break.

It’s a no brainer, really. DO you spend several hours a week scrubbing your pool with a normal vacuum, or do you let the robot handle it for you?