Do People In Sedona Have Pools?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Sedona is a city in the state of Arizona. The city is actually about in the center of the state, if not a little north. Flagstaff is about an hour north of this city, while Phoenix is about two hours south. It is nestled among beautiful Redstone mountains and rock features.

There are surely some people in Sedona that have pools. But since they are expensive, not everyone has one. Thankfully, Sedona does have public pools and other places in the area where you can swim.

There are quite a few rivers and little swimming hotels around Sedona, most of them a part of the nearby national forests like Prescott National Forest and Coconino National Forest.

Woman wearing sunglasses in a swimming pool - Do People In Sedona Have Pools?

Is the Sedona community pool open?

The Sedona Community Pool is open to the public from Memorial Day Weekend (the weekend before the last Monday in May) to Labor Day (the first Monday in September). They are usually open from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 at night every day of the week.

Usually, their schedules are broken into blocks, such as lap swims, open rec swims, and high school practices. Sometimes they have water aerobics as well. So before you go, you may want to look online at their schedule to make sure it is a time when you can swim.

Additionally, some days they are closed for maintenance, which they also post on their schedules. If you need swimming lessons or want to partake in a fitness lesson, those are also available to register online.

If you join one of the swim teams available for all ages, you can use the pool year-round. They have the Sedona Race Pace and the Sedona Swim Team.


Woman wearing sunglasses in a swimming pool - Do People In Sedona Have Pools?


Where Can You Find it?

The Sedona community pool is located in Sedona, Arizona, on Posse Ground Road. The official address is 570 Posse Ground Road, Sedona, Arizona, 86336. It is right behind the West Sedona School, so it is fairly easy to find.

If you do have any questions or need help finding the building, they have a website online, and you can also call their phone number, which is (928) 203-5096. It is also good to call before you arrive as they can sometimes close.

Reasons they might close include:


  • Lightening
  • Heavy Rain
  • Severe Weather
  • Pool Water Quality Declines


Does Sedona have Beaches?

Since Arizona is a land-locked state, there are no traditional beaches in Arizona. There are also not any beaches that are very close by. However, if you want to swim somewhere with a bank similar to a beach, there are a couple of places you can choose.

One is Red Rock Crossing. It is a popular place but is somehow not very crowded. There are pretty rock features, including Cathedral Rock, in the distance. There is shade, a little beach, and picnic tables, all for just a couple of dollars.

Another swimming area with a beach is known as BullPen. This swimming hole works for everyone, no matter their age. The water is clear and blue, and the water flows slowly. There is a beach on the north side, and the ground is fairly smooth, so kids can wander around.


Is the Pool Open in April?

Technically, the pool is open in April. However, if you are not part of the swim teams, the pool is only open from Late May to early September. That is when the pool is open to the public.

Most of the fitness and swimming classes are also done in the summer, usually around early June, so those do not run after the pool closes to the public either.

For the most part, the only thing the pool may be open for in April is the racing teams. However, the teams are open to all ages, so there is no harm in joining, even if you aren’t all that great or just want to practice.


What is the Best Month to Swim in Sedona?

The best time to swim in Sedona is in the summer months. That is when the pools are open. Additionally, that is also when it is warmest, so the natural swimming pools wouldn’t be too cold or painful to swim in.

If you don’t mind a little cold and want to beat the crowds, you can look at going swimming a little before Memorial Day Weekend or after Labor Day. The water may still be warm enough to swim in, but the summer crowds would have died down a bit.

Otherwise, summer is the average peak swimming month in Sedona. Usually, late June is when it really starts to pick up.


Final Thoughts on Do People In Sedona Have Pools

Sedona is a land-locked area inside of a state that is also surrounded by nothing but other states, but that does not mean that there are no places to swim. Sedona has a very nice lap pool that is well worth visiting in the summer months.

Some natural areas have beach-like spots before the water, so you can feel like you are swimming in a calm and relaxing ocean.

While swimming during the rest of the year outside of summer may be harder, it isn’t impossible. You can either join a swim team or find a river to swim in, though the water might be very cold.