Do Cowboy Pools Stay Cool?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Cowboy pools are a cheap way to get a pool in your yard. They are above-ground and work similarly to any other above-ground pool, but they can be a lot cheaper and more unique than pools you find everywhere else.

Another benefit is that they aren’t as deep. While a lot of above-ground pools are about four feet deep, these are about half the depth. This can be a bummer for people who like swimming and deeper water, but good for people with children and pets.

You might think that metal holds a lot of heat in the summer months, and you’d be right. You could be looking at a pretty hot pool between the water and the metal.

But thankfully, there are a few tricks you can practice to keep the pool cooler and at a temperature you’d like better.


Woman wearing blue bathing suit floating on swimming pool water - Do Cowboy Pools Stay Cool?


How Deep is a Cowboy Pool?

For the most part, cowboy pools are about two feet deep. Even if the width is different, the pools don’t often get deeper than two feet. While this isn’t enough to use as a swimming pool, it makes it an excellent place to sit and relax in the cooler weather.

It is also a lot safer for children, as they can play in the water and still be able to touch the bottom. Of course, it doesn’t eliminate the need to watch them, but you can feel a little safer knowing your kids won’t accidentally get somewhere they can’t swim.

While they only get two feet deep, they can be six, eight, nine, ten, or 11 feet wide. So while they are made for people, we think they also make an excellent area for dogs to swim in to get a little exercise.


How Do You Keep Cool in a Cowboy Pool?

The best way to keep a cowboy pool cool is to first place it in a shady area. This stops the sun from overheating your pool as the heat from the sun will warm up the metal and, in turn, heat your water, making it warm and not necessarily what you want during the summer.

Another option is to put ice in your pool. Adding a bag or two of ice to your pool can help cool it down without making it too cold.

You can adjust by adding or taking out ice as needed. Pool liners can also help reduce the heat in the pool, as the metal won’t get as warm.

Also, removing some of the old, warm water and replacing it with fresh water from a hose usually cools it down. So doing a mix of these two methods allows you to control the temperature of your pool a little bit, so you can find something that fits your needs.


Can You Heat Up the Cowboy Pool?

There are cowboy pool heaters available now. Originally, you had to drain some of the water in your pool and then add in warmer water until you got the temperature you wanted. Or, you would have to set up a fancy system involving many steps and drilling holes.

Now, however, you can just get a cowboy pool heater from their store. The heater comes with the following:


  • A rain cap
  • A tankless water heater
  • A pump and hose system
  • A propane tank
  • Pool thermometer


Additionally, the company recommends keeping another propane tank on hand, preferably a 20-pound one, so that you never run out of propane and can easily go and get a refill without letting your pool cool down.


How Do You Keep Cowboy Pool Clean?

Since the pool is metal, you just have to clean your sides and bottom with a non-abrasive brush whenever things start to get a little slimy. This prevents algae growth and allows your other systems to suck up any particles that are now in the water.

Like other pools, you will also often have to skim the pool’s surface and use something to get all the dead leaves off the ground, like a pool vacuum. This can promote algal growth, so it is best to do this cleaning often.

Finally, like most pools, you can add chlorine to your pool and run the pump occasionally. You can get a chlorine floater to help release chlorine slowly over time.

The pump can run for an hour or two at a time and then let it rest for the same time. There are timers available as well.


How Long Will a Cowboy Pool Last?

Most of the time, stock tank pools or cowboy pools can last about ten years with proper maintenance. This is about a third to about half the time that a traditional in-ground pool can last, but about the same as a regular above-ground pool.

To help extend the lifespan, you can do things like making sure you are giving proper maintenance to the pump, keeping the pool clean, taking steps to reduce rust, and keeping it out of the sun. Purchasing the epoxy pool liner can also extend its lifespan.

Additionally, though it doesn’t last terribly long, it can be repaired or replaced for much less money than other pools, so you get the most out of it.


Final Thoughts on Do Cowboy Pools Stay Cool

Have you ever put a pool in your chair because you just want a cool place to sit for a while but don’t want to swim? With cowboy pools, you don’t have to worry about that. They are fairly shallow, covering you to your chest while sitting.

Cowboy pools are a fun way to just chill out in the water at home. They are shallow enough that you can sit and relax or can let your kids play, even if they don’t swim all that well. They can also be pretty warm, but a few bags of ice can fix that in no time.

Want to use it in the winter? You can now get heaters for cowboy pools. This means you don’t have to work to winterize them and use them all year long, even when it is freezing outside.