Coleman Lay Z Spa

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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4.1 out of 5 stars


  • Easy to set up
  • Steady Beam Construction
  • Digital Control Panel


  • Heater turns off when bubbles turn on
  • No Seating inside

Our Verdict

  • Excellent Coleman Quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • No tools needed for assembly


Technical Specs

  • Holds 4-6 people
  • 120 Jets
  • Water Capacity-254 gallons
  • Steady Beam construction

Our Review

The Coleman Lay Z Spa is a fantastic product coming from a trusted outdoor-gear company. When you buy from Coleman, you know you are getting a quality product that will last; the Lay Z Spa is no different. Right out of the box you’ll see the customary Coleman Green color that is symbolic of their brand.

The entire concept behind the Coleman Lay Z Spa is to give every family access to a portable hot tub that will not only relax them but withstand any form of abuse. Coleman has definitely exceeded any expectations with their version of the garden hot tub. Not only is it built well, it actually works to soothe and relax.



Most portable hot tubs are nothing more than a glorified inflatable pool, with no support or durability. The Coleman Lay Z Spa isn’t like this. Coleman has developed a steady I-Beam construction. This means that, as you inflate the hot tub, a heavy-duty material inside expands and forms these sturdy beams around the entire tub. This makes it to where someone could even sit on the edge of the tub and it not sink in or bend at all.

The material used in this inflatable hot tub feature a three-layer reinforced material called Tri-Tech. Simply, this is a polyester mesh core wedged between two layers of laminated PVC material. This makes it conducive to holding heat well as well as being puncture and tare resistant.

Easy Set Up

Simply put, this could be one of the easiest items to assemble, ever. Everything you need comes in the package. Even better is that fact that you don’t need any tools to assemble any piece the Lay Z Spa system.

It can be set up anywhere you want it. When deciding where to blow it up, keep these things in mind:

  • DO not use an extension cord as the control unit might not get enough power, causing malfunctions. SO be sure you are close enough to a power out let.
  • If inflating on a deck or patio, be sure it is supported enough to hold the weight of not only the water but the people inside of it.
  • Ensure your garden hose will reach.
  • Don’t forget to put the included ground cover underneath the tub portion before you inflate it.

The Control box acts as the inflator using the tube that comes in the box. Then, once the tub portion is inflated to the proper levels, hooking the control tower is as simple as lining up the pipes on the tub with the connectors on the control tower and you’re good to go.


Making this one of the go-to portable hot tubs, Coleman has loaded their Lay Z Spa packed with features. From the easy-to-use control tower to the multitude of Jets, they combine to make this an amazing investment.

Digital Control Panel

The entire control and heating system is encompassed in a green, egg shaped housing. Sitting on top of this is the digital control panel. Through this one panel, every system for the hot tub, from the bubbles to the temperature, is controlled. Sound’s confusing, right? It’s really not so back.

While most hot tub controls require you to have some sort of technical degree, the one for the Coleman Lay Z Spa isn’t that way. Instead, it has easy-to-understand pictograms to symbolize what the control does. There’ won’t be any mistaking the bubble control button for that of the temperature setting.

The system is designed with safety in mind, as well. One key safety feature of this portable hot tube it the thermostat-controlled temperature. This feature won’t allow the water to get above 104°F. This ensures the water doesn’t get to a level that would cause the tub to be damage or injure the people inside.

Rapid Heating System

Coleman designed the heating system to be the quickest in getting the water to the desired temperature. However, even the quickest heating source is going to take some time. With that in mind, this rapid heating system can heat the water roughly 2-3 degrees per hour, depending on how cold it is initially.

Most people, especially those wanting to use it immediately, decide to fill it up using hot water. Keep in mind, this tub holds 254 gallons of water at its recommended level. Instead, it’s best, and more cost effective, to be patient and let the heating system do its work.

Another point worth mentioning is that fact that the heating system has a safety feature that will not let it run water through that is less than 40°F. This is to ensure no icy water is getting into the pump system, which would cause it to malfunction. This really only comes in to play during the winter when the pump has been turned off for an extended amount of time.

Water Filtration

This filtration system works to filter out any harsh chemicals or microorganisms that lead to problems with skin irritation. It works in tandem with the chlorine dispenser to keep the water clean and clear. Also, unlike other portable spas, the filtration system on the Lay Z Spa will work, even if the heating system is turned off.

Inflatable Cover

This cover serves a two-fold purpose. First, it inflates to fit the size of the spa and sits down inside perfectly, keeping any debris from getting in the water. Secondly, it has an aluminum foil coating thermal insulation that works to keep the heat in and cool air out.

While most spa’s covers simply slide over the top, the cover for the Coleman Lay Z Spa has fasteners along the outside of the tub portion. These fasteners snap with the cover, locking it in place. This helps to ensure that wind or other forces won’t blow it off or damage it.


Perhaps one of the greatest features of the Coleman Lay Z Spa is the fact that it has 120 separate jets throughout the hot tub. Coleman calls this the “Lay Z Massage system.” It’s a massage system that will relax even the most stubborn muscle and soothe all of your concern away.

All in all, the Coleman Lay Z Spa is an exceptional option when looking for a portable hot tub. Not too pricey, allowing any budget to afford it. Plus, when you factor in the quality of the product and everything that is comes it, it’s a no brainer if there ever was one.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for that next item that will help sooth your achy joints and muscles while allowing you time to relax with family and friends, this is the option for you. It will literally set up anywhere you want it to and can easily be moved without any water in it. This will make you next family party the best yet.