Aquabot X4

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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 3.6 out of 5 stars


  • Several programming options
  • Large filtration basket
  • Works in any shape or size in-ground pool


  • Uses wheels and not tracks
  • Sponge on wheels can tear on debris

Our Verdict

  • Extremely easy to program and run
  • Best quality for the porice
  • Does walls and corners wonderfully


Technical Specs

  • 60 ft. floating power cord
  • Filters particles down to 2 microns
  • Circulates 85 gallons per minutes

Our Review

Do you want your pool entirely cleaned without breaking a sweat, then you have come to the right place. Introducing the automatic solution for your pool worries, automatic because that is how it works. The Aquabot X4 is your safe machine to get a crystal-clear pool with fewer chemicals. In this article, we are going to cover up why this tool is the best for you.


Aquabot X4 pool cleaner not only makes your pool clean but also protects you and your family with a naturally healthy and totally cleaned pool. It is the leading pump in the industry that allows more circulation for the water and cleans more debris for a healthier pool, which means fewer chemicals are required and better water quality, not to forget money saving.


The newest design rollout of the Dolphin Premier is by far the best yet. It’s developers have truly left no stone unturned in their quest to product the leading robotic pool vacuum. There’s a reason this cleaner is number one among customer reviews.

360° Cable Swivel

This is just the beginning of the cutting-edge technology you will get on the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. Yes, other robotic vacuums do have what they call a tangle-free cord. The Dolphin Premier, on the other hand, has a patented 360° cable swivel that is exclusive to the Premier series. This swivel guarantees that the cable will not get tangled…ever. This is truly a game-changing innovation for the pool cleaner world.

SmartNav Drive system

Another feature that you will only find on the Dolphin Premier is the SmartNav system. First, the Premier incorporates several commercial-grade DC motors that run on 87% less energy than any other robotic vacuum. These motors ensure the Premier will never get stopped by any raised drains, convex lights, or other underwater features your pool might have.

Additionally, the Premier’s SmartNaw system makes it a robot in every sense of the world. This robotic vacuum senses your pool’s environment and maps out the best path possible to clean the pool as quickly as possible. In fact, the Premier is so smart that the more times you drop it in the pool, the more it learns about your pool.

It’s amazing to watch the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner and compare the first time it cleaned your pool to the twentieth time. It is actually faster and more efficient. This only helps to improve the level of cleanliness your pool can have.

HyperGrip Tracks

If all you had were the dual DC motors and nothing substantial for them to drive, you’d be left with a vacuum that couldn’t climb and crawl over every inch of your pool. That’s why the creators of the Premier went the extra step and added an excellent set of tracks on this robotic vacuum. These tracks are direct drive, which means there are no belts that can go bad over time.

Additionally, because pool surfaces are difficult for wheels to manage, these HyperGrip Tracks give the best power to the rubber, so to speak. With the increase in surface area, when compared to wheels, these rubber tracks allow for more power from the motors to be placed onto the pool’s surface, equally less slippage and less power lost.

Furthermore, the amount of maneuverability these tracks give to the Premier is astonishing. Each track works independently from the other, allowing for sharper turns and more pool coverage. Also, with more surface area touching the pool, climbing the walls and steps is a breeze for the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Superb Brush System

If you’ve been around pools at all you know that sometimes it takes some elbow muscle to get stubborn stains and debris off the pool floor. With the brush system on the Dolphin Premier, it has all the elbow muscle you will ever need. In addition to having a self-contained suction system, the Premier had dual high RPM brushes that scrub every inch of the pool.

Unlike other robotic vacuums that boast of having stationary brushes, the brushes on the Premier move with the vacuum, putting more force against the bacteria that likes to stick to the pool’s surface. With over 21,000 different types of algae, you need a brush system that will move every single one.

Variety of Media Options

With most robotic vacuum, your options of filtering media are limited to one. Usually, that’s a large back that catches debris and might catch some algae. With the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner, you have your choice of four different media options for the filter system.  These include:

  • Micro Cartridges
  • Standard Cartridges
  • Oversized Debris Bag
  • Disposable Debris Bags

What’s even better than the variety of options you have is how easy it is to switch out the media. With just a flip of two brackets you have the ability to pull out the filter, clean it, and replace it with whichever media option you choose. Have a ton of leaves and other debris in your pool? Go for the oversized bag. Is your pool clean to the naked eye but want to get out algae and other bacteria? The micro cartridges are capable of filtering particles down to 2 microns.

Even cleans the tile

Most robotic pool vacuums won’t work on the tile that often surrounds the pool’s waterline. The Premier was design specifically so that this was never an issue. The 3000 RPMs placed on the Premier’s tracks ensure it won’t fall off the wall while the high-grade brushes clean even the grout between the tiles

Cuts maintenance cost in half

When you have the ability to filter down to such a small size, you not only have a cleaner pool but you have a more efficient pool. Those bacteria no longer are sucked into your pools pump, meaning less strain and energy used by your pump.

Secondly, when algae is removed through the filtration on the Dolphin Premier, that equals less chemicals you have to use to fight algae. IN fact, while it was being tested, there was never algae growth in the pool. Therefore, there was never a need for algae chemicals. Simply testing the water each week and adding the needed chemicals, such as chlorine, was all that was needed.

Furthermore, the costs to run the Dolphin Premier are extremely less than any automatic vacuum on the market. At less than 5 cents per hour, your entire pool can be cleaned for less than the cost fo a piece of gum.


Whether you’re looking to cut your maintenance time drastically, or just have too busy of a schedule to maintain your pool, the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is the perfect option. Drop it in and let it do its magic while you carry on with your like of enjoying being a pool owner. After all, that’s why you bought a pool in the first place, right? Get back to enjoying your investment.