Aquabot junior

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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3.6 out of 5 stars


  • Has brush System
  • Has it’s on filtration system
  • Picks up even the tiniest debris


  • Only for In-ground pools
  • Can get stuck in deep in if you have a steep incline

Our Verdict

  • Perfect for automatic cleaning
  • Made to last for years
  • Makes owning a pool extremely easy


Technical Specs

  • 50 ft. floating power cord
  • Works on all surfaces, including vinyl
  • Filters particles down to 2 microns
  • Sucks 70 gallons per minute

Our Review

Most pool owners quickly realize that they don’t have the time, nor the patience, to vacuum their pools as often as is needed. Thankfully, the robot pool vacuum was born. If you’re looking to purchase your first automatic pool cleaner, the Aquabot Junior is an excellent choice. With its dedicated filtration system and on-board scrubbers, you can literally set it in the water and forget about it



It’s important to note that the Aquabot Junior is an in-ground pool cleaner. With that in mind, if you use it in an above ground pool, it may damage the walls as it tries to climb them. Beyond that, the Aquabot Junior has a superb design that enables it to be one of the most effective robotic cleaners on the market.


To start off with, the Aquabot Junior has an impressive 50 ft. cord on it. This gives it enough room to move through the entire pool without running out of cord. Also, to prevent it from getting tangled in its own cord, the cord is designed to float on the water’s surface.

Additionally, the Aquabot Junior is considered a true robotic vacuum. What gives it this distinction is the fact that it has its own pump and filtration system instead of working off the pool’s pump. This not only allows it to be a more effective cleaner but means that you don’t have to worry about hooking up a bunch of hoses to your pump.

Dual Brushes

Instead of having wheels and using a suction method of moving and cleaning, the Aquabot Junior has a set of dual, super gripping scrubbing brushes; one on the front and one on the back. These brushes are powered by a tiny motor inside the vacuum. This way, not only do the brushes help the vacuum move throughout the pool but, as it moves, it’s scraping dirt and debris off the bottom of the pools to be sucked into its vacuum system.

The motor inside the Aquabot Junior is so strong that it allows the vacuum to climb the walls of your pool. Regardless if your pool’s liner is vinyl, or if it’s a plaster or concrete pool, this vacuum can climb walls as steep as 90°. What makes it even more incredible is that it will go to the water line of your pool before turning back. These means that every inch of your pool gets cleaned.

Filtration System

Not only does the Aquabot Junior work on getting dirt and debris out of your pool, it also helps by filtering the water. In fact, it’s able to filter 70 gallons of water per minutes. That’s faster than the filter for your kitchen faucet! (Am I the only one who notices how slow those are?) This helps ensure your water is clean and helps you by allowing you to use less chemicals to keep it that way

Running Cycles

Many consumers love the Aquabot Junior solely because of the different cleaning cycles available. You can run it continuously, in four-hour increments, or by using the remote control.


Just as it sounds, this cycle will run the vacuum until one of two things happen; either the switch on the vacuum itself if turned off or the power source is turned off/unplugged. While this feature makes it nice to drop it in and forget about it, doing so on a dirty pool is not recommended unless you plan on checking/cleaning it out often.

Four-Hour Cleaning Cycle

This cycle is perfect if you want to start the vacuum process and have it completed and be ready to enjoy your pool when you get home. In this cycle, the Aquabot Junior will automatically shut off when it reaches the four-hour mark. However, during that time, it will be able to clean the entire surface area of the pool.

Remote Control

Another amazing feature of the Aquabot Junior is its ability to operate using a remote control. This comes in handy when you are relaxing by your pool and decide to run the vacuum. It lets you control the vacuum’s every movement from your chair. This helps you ensure it gets even the toughest debris out without missing it.

Setting it up

Setting up the Aquabot Junior is one of the easiest, and simples,t tasks a pool owner will ever have to do. It comes out of the box mostly assembled; you’ll just have to install the filter bags and connect the power supply. From there, all you have to do is slowly drop it into the water.

Most people will make the mistake of allowing the vacuum to rest at an angle against the pool’s wall. This will actually cause the vacuum not to work properly. Instead, make sure it is sitting flat on the bottom before turning on.

Makes Maintenance a breeze

Since it doesn’t use your pool’s pump system, the Aquabot Junior makes maintenance on your pool a breeze. By not using the pump on your pool, this means that the need to backwash during vacuuming is no longer there. Also, maintenance for the Aquabot Junior itself is easy.

Instead of using a filter, the Aquabot Junior uses a fine bag that is capable of catching particles as small as 2 microns. This means that the particles are basically microscopic. Not only does this help you have cleaner, fresher water but helps your pool’s pump by getting out even the smallest debris before it goes into the pump.

The fine bags on the Aquabot Junior are made to be reusable. As you clean the vacuum, simple turn the bags inside out and rinse it with your garden hose. Also, if you don’t feel that cleaning with a hose is sufficient, you can machine wash the bags, as long as you don’t use any detergent. This makes maintenance extremely affordable when you don’t have to replace filters or spending money to clean them.

Some people have complained about the Aquabot Junior losing suction during its cleaning cycle. The truth is, that will happen with robotic vacuums, especially if it’s cleaning a lot of debris. Basically, this happens when the filter bags get full. Fixing this problem is easy, though. Just clean the filter bags and you’ll be back in business.

Maintaining a pool, especially an in-ground pool, can often be a difficult task. Thankfully, the Aquabot Junior makes this task a little less of a headache. It is the true drop and go vacuum and will work wonders on your pool, and your maintenance time. You’ll be thankful you purchased it the first time you watch it pick up even the hardest dirt. Safe and effective, it’s the way every pool should be cleaned.